Pricelda cid

In this interactive session we will focus on comfort while working from home. This session is designed to teach employees how to make their current work-spaces work for them. Equipment is not a point of focus, unless you would like it to be. We want you to feel confident employees will not come out of our session requesting new equipment, this is n...

Kelli Wingo

An entrepreneurial spirit is not just for entrepreneurs. What if individual employees and teams shifted to an intrapreneurial mindset (employees operating with an entrepreneurial mentality) instead of living in a rerun of The Office? It is not enough to simply do what we are told. It is required that we do what we are capable of to build our empire...

MaryBeth Hyland

Teach your team how to calm their mind during times of heightened stress so they can lead with confidence, clarity, and compassion.Mindful Leaders know how to......separate themselves from stressful events rather than be triggered by them...observe situations from a neutral position, rather than become personally offended...control...

Veronica Kaulinis

Brave Connection is virtual experience that encourages brave conversations and authentic human connection in a safe space. Leadership Coach and Group Facilitator, Veronica Kaulinis facilitates conversations that create change in the workplace, communication tool and connection exercises that inspire deeper human connection.

Josh Levin

Join me on a journey to unlock the hidden power of visualization through the lens of competitive rock climbing. Together, we’ll explore how to apply the visualization techniques I’ve gained through decades of climbing to your own team’s goals.Whether your team members are new to climbing or already experienced climbers, my aim in this cla...

Boyd Varty

TRACK YOUR LIFE is a storytelling presentation that will take you into the African wilderness with the best animal trackers in the world. Learn the process of tracking and then use the lessons of this ancient art form to begin to track the subtle signs that are guiding your organization to its meaning, purpose and passion.In this talk tracker,...

Stephanie Rae

Using the principals of improvisational acting, I'll lead your team through a series of fun, creativity-boosting performance exercises. Improv theater increases confidence, flexibility, and ability to collaborate - and it requires no props, memorization, or experience!


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