Coach Caprice

Are you ready to sweat and smile? Let's move! We bring your team together through short circuit style workouts with high energy coaches that create a safe space and provide modifications for beginners. Our workouts focus on increasing strength, energy and mobility.We know that sitting too long can lead to chronic pain, anxiety and even heart d...

Sweat from Home

Sweat from Home delivers the world's best live group exercise classes with certified fitness pros that actually SEE you, and a fun, feel-good environment that is designed to give everyone and anyone their best sweat ever. Each session has two coaches, and we utilize zoom's breakout room functionality to create a dynamic switch-block atmosphere. All...

Two Toned Training

Two Toned will take your company through a fun and exciting boot camp style fitness class that can be easily modified to cater to a wide range of fitness levels. We provide a unique sense of inclusivity and excitement to what can be an intimidating atmosphere to many!


P.volve Strength & Sculpt: Our signature class blends body-sculpting exercises and resistance-based equipment to elongate, strengthen and tone your entire body.

Hit House

Upbeat, all-level kickboxing and bodyweight exercise workout classes designed for zero equipment. Held via Zoom in EST, we have a flexible schedule and can offer multiple workout formats. Shadowboxing is a great way to relieve stress and let go of any anger or frustration in a safe way!

Sera Melini

In our 40 minute sessions, we will begin with breathwork to set the tone for the class. We will then fold this breath practice into our movement session. Each fosters whole-body strengthening and flexibility while also allowing for increased mental focus. The class will finish with a 3-minute rejuvenating posture/guided meditation. My practices are...

Cam Norsworthy

In our 40 minute sessions, we'll go through a series of Pilates-based moves meant to stretch and strengthen. My class is all-levels, so if you've never taken a class of this kind before, you're in good hands! All you need is a mat (or carpet) and you're set.I'm able to tailor our sessions to the needs of your team. Looking to relieve back pain?...

Amanda Katz

Whether you’re a novice to working out or a seasoned gym-goer, our 40-minute bodyweight sessions are designed specifically to support your team in becoming their strongest selves. These total body strength + cardio conditioning classes are accessible to all bodies at all levels.Looking for a more customized program based on your team's needs?...

Christine Oakes

All of the benefits of yoga with the fun of happy hour! Your team can bring their beverage of choice. I will bring the yoga and the laughs. Yoga classes are 60 minutes in length and beginner friendly making them approachable for the novice or expert yogi.Classes typically start with some breathing exercises to help reduce stress. We'll move thr...


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