You can easily make udon noodles that are more delicious than you expected. You will be surprised by both tasty and chewy texture beyond your imagination. The special technique and professional tools are not needed for udon making. If you can weigh each ingredient, that is enough. You'll learn each step that goes into making the region’s deli...


Humans have been eating cheese with beer for over 8,000 years! Ever wonder what kind of beer pairs with aged cheddar or creamy gorgonzola and why? By combining humor, history, science, and delicious beer and cheese, the Virtual Beer & Cheese Pairing Experience will explore how to pair different styles of beer with different types of cheese. You...


From rich flavourful curries to aromatic rice and healthy & tasty Indian breads, you’ll learn about time honoured techniques & subtle nuances that can make all the difference!Oct sessions include a BOLLYWOOD DANCE session as well!Menu is changed weekly. The date/s below are as per India Standard Time.

Taste Buds Kitchen

Corporate teams across the country are giving our online virtual team building classes RAVE REVIEWS! Our virtual team building cooking classes are great for employee teams and client groups. Part at-home fun and part chef’s technique, we take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy the event. It’s going to be so much fun! Grab your t...

Simon Herfray

Excited to announce the launch of VIRTUAL cooking classes with Chef Simon!Check amazing things you can learn to make right in your own kitchen. You’ll receive recipes, ingredients lists and equipment instructions a few days prior to class so you are ready to get cooking!All classes take place on Zoom and chef-guided every step of the way....

Rick Paniagua

Each session provided I will strive to ensure that you learn something new whilst making new memories along the way. Hear some wild stories, from the time my plane crashed on the way to a private island retreat all the way to when I was team chef for the Chicago Cubs during their 2016 run!

Merika Rock

BAKE N' TRIVIA! Learn To Bake Paleo/Keto/Vegan Bread Missing bread? This tutorial will teach you how to create a delicious and healthy alternative. Great Taste & Grain-Free! While the bread is baking, get ready to be entertained with a fun-filled game of teambuilding trivia with your host JC Rubio!Or, Book PUPPY TREAT BAKE-OFF! Learn How To...

Chef Tu David Phu

We are amongst strange and difficult times in 2020. As a chef, I've provided the community through food. And continue to do so through digital cooking experiences. Proudly, I offer cooking lessons that provide a safe space for all walks of life.

Laylow Cocktail Team

Laylow's virtual cocktail classes are a way to connect with your friends, family, or colleagues through craft cocktail making. We take you through the steps of learning some basic home bartending skills and teach what you'll need to start your own home bar.

The Cocktail Guru

The Cocktail Guru Team will transform your virtual office into a “Mixology Lab” where guests learn to mix, stir, shake, and swizzle with the pros. Turn your corporate cocktail party into an out-of-the-box experience that engages your employees in a casual, social environment.We present a virtual mixology experience that includes the basics...