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Virtual Cooks CAN Be Trusted!! Come Cook With US and You'll Be Trusted TOO!!

Etch and Mar’ket Catering and Events offers virtual cooking classes geared to the Social Butterfly, the Team Builder, and the Group Champion who wants to get everyone together in a meaningful way! If your ultimate goal is to bring people together in a virtual format that allows for FUN, CONNECTION, and CULINARY INSIPIRATION, this is the session for you!!


Chelsea Cox
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“Our group had a wonderful time with Etch & Mar! Great hosts! Wonderful meal! The pace was a little quick for some, but if you prep your ingredients you'll be able to keep up. ”

My Background

Etch and Mar'ket provides innovative culinary solutions for its clients throughout the US. We started off as a small family-owned business in Atlanta and are now focusing on the same services in the Houston metropolitan area, and virtually with cooking classes across the world! We are passionate about bringing you experiences that last a lifetime, centered around a culinary adventure. Whether we are doing an in-home cooking class, a casual or elegant event, each Etch and Mar'ket affair is treated with the utmost attention, and the custom detail all our clients seek. Whether it is catering, cooking classes, or party service, we have you covered!!

What Team Members Should Bring

Internet Connection
Computer, Phone or Tablet
Cutting Board
Mixing Bowls, Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons
Chef Knife
Functioning stove, oven, water source, refrigeration

The Setup For the Virtual Session

We will be creating our virtual sessions LIVE from our home kitchen. We'll have appropriate lighting and all the right angles! Make sure to setup your phone, laptop, or mobile device in an area where you can clearly see the course!

Seshie Values

Diversity and Inclusion

Team Building and Camaraderie

Communication and Trust

Kindness and Empathy

Learning Something New


  • APPETIZERS ON HAND (for 10 attendees)

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    $225.00 Add to cart
  • Ceviche Skills – Cooking Class for 10

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    $225.00 Add to cart
  • Eggs with Friends – Cooking Class for 10

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    $225.00 Add to cart
  • etch & mar’ket Apron

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  • GET YOUR ROLL ON! SUSHI LESSONS 101 (for 10 attendees)

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  • Steak Knight – Cooking Class for 10

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  • TACOS! TACOS! TACOS! (for 10 attendees)

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  • Veggie DeLUXE – Cooking Class for 10

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Cancellation Policy

As a customer if you cancel 48 hours after you have booked a session with a guide you will get a 50% refund. If you cancel before the 48 hours you receive your full refund. Customers also receive full refunds whenever a guide cancels

How to Experience Seshie

Please make sure you and your team members have Zoom downloaded. After you book a seshie in the confirmation email you will receive details providing the Zoom link and password information.